Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I hope last week's skins game will not become the norm!

Did ya'll watch the Skins game the past weekend where the players were carrying their own bags? It was nice being able to watch live golf...those reruns were about to drive me to drink! But, If that becomes a trend, (players carrying their own bag), I am out of a job.

I guess it is the PGA's way to comply with the 6' "social distancing". I am not sure about all this stay at home and social distancing stuff. The golf course is in the open air, you get lots of vitamin D, which the experts say is good for you.

I was talking to Sarge, via text, and he thinks this whole mess is overhyped to see if the government and the media can put the fear into the people to force them to shut down stuff and take further control of us. It sort of makes sense when you look at the total deaths of Covid-19 and the normal seasonal flu deaths. By far seasonal flu kills more people than the Covid-19. I am glad to see things are opening up and we are trying to return to life pre-Covid-19.

 Stay safe and wear a mask to protect others and don't forget your elbow pads, because since we cannot fist bump, shake hands or high-five our elbows are going to bruise up.

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