Monday, June 13, 2022

PGA vs Liv Golf

This bunch of crap between LIV Golf and the PGA is stirring the pot and bringing the stink to the top.

How many of you have left a job to to join another company because you perceived the change to be positive for your career.  You can almost double your income, have more time with your family and have more time to prefect your skills?  I bet most of ya'll have done that, or would do it.

So, what's so different from that and these guys who are leaving the PGA and going to LIV Golf?  I say nothing.  Well there is one difference this is a very public and in your face change of employment.  If I had the opportunity to switch employers and have the opportunity to double my income, have more time with my family and for practicing; you bet your sweet bippie I would do it.

The PGA is nervous and fear their future and their dominance in the golf world is being threatened.  They haven't had to face competition and are unsure just exactly what to do about it. So, they are taking the hard-ass approach and are banning players who jump ship and trying to intimidate others so that they will fear even thinking about leaving. All the while, they should be assessing why these top golfers are leaving and look for a resolution to rectify the exodus. In other words, "Nip it in the bud."

Another huge factor is sponsors.  Will the LIV Golf be able to lure some of them away from the PG
A?  LIV Golf seems to have a bottomless well of money.  Yeah, sure there is some concerns about where the money is coming and some talk about the human rights practiced by those with the cash. The way I see it is, companies do business every day with other companies who practice unethical and inhumane things.  So why the sudden purity attitude in this situation?

And what about golf equipment folks?  Will the P.G.A put pressure on the golf equipment manufacturers to not support LIV Golf?  Will they pressure golf courses not to let LIV golf use their facilities for their tournaments?  The golf equipment people are in business to make a profit.  They will stretch their necks through the P.G.A fence to test if the grass is greener or as green on the other side and gravitate towards the more lush grass. 

The wall P.G.A seems to be building around themselves is stupid. Allowing players to play in any league they wish just heightens the competition and that can only do good things for golf, the sports media and improve the fans enjoyment and attendance. Why not let whoever is left in the P.G.A, and those that left for LIV Golf compete in a few prime time tournaments through out the year in different parts of the world?

The P.G.A might be sh*ting in their mess kit if they are not careful.  Time will tell.  If they can put enough pressure on the CBS, TBS, ESPN, ABC and NBC not to give any air time to LIV Golf it will be difficult of the new league to survive.  On the other hand these media guys can be lured with money. If they want to give air time to LIV Golf, sponsors will be almost have to make some adjustments how they spend their advertising dollars.

It will be interesting to see this cookie crumbles and who will pick up the crumbs?  

My advise to both the P.G.A and LIV Golf is: "If you don't change your direction, you will end up where you're heading."


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I hope last week's skins game will not become the norm!

Did ya'll watch the Skins game the past weekend where the players were carrying their own bags? It was nice being able to watch live golf...those reruns were about to drive me to drink! But, If that becomes a trend, (players carrying their own bag), I am out of a job.

I guess it is the PGA's way to comply with the 6' "social distancing". I am not sure about all this stay at home and social distancing stuff. The golf course is in the open air, you get lots of vitamin D, which the experts say is good for you.

I was talking to Sarge, via text, and he thinks this whole mess is overhyped to see if the government and the media can put the fear into the people to force them to shut down stuff and take further control of us. It sort of makes sense when you look at the total deaths of Covid-19 and the normal seasonal flu deaths. By far seasonal flu kills more people than the Covid-19. I am glad to see things are opening up and we are trying to return to life pre-Covid-19.

 Stay safe and wear a mask to protect others and don't forget your elbow pads, because since we cannot fist bump, shake hands or high-five our elbows are going to bruise up.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Hello everyone, I am Count, actually, that is not the name my mom and dad is the nickname Hoss started calling me because I am always looking at life through the prism of numbers.

I came across this video where these guys were setting up experiments to find out how hard can a golf ball be hit and what does it look like at impact.  Using super-super slow motion, I was amazed at the results of what they found.

Take a look. 

Pretty neat, huh!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

 The Coronavirus Chaos Impacts Golf! 

Hey there, I am Dr. Sal.  It seems that the hype behind the Coronavirus wreaking havoc on a lot of things.  The NBA has canceled some games and others they are not allowing people in the stands.  The NCAA March Madness is canceled!  

I just read that the PGA Players will be played as scheduled but with no crowds on the course.  How will you be able to watch without hearing some a**hole yelling "In The Hole"?  I wonder how the professionals will be impacted by no crowds.  They will not be able to feed off of the crowds when they make a good shot and hear the applause and cheering when they sink a 70' putt for Eagle.  I think it will make a difference and the guys will have to adjust.  

Too bad Collin Montgomery won't be playing, cause he can hear a gnat fart from 100yds away. With no crowds, he could hear that gnat a mile away!

For sure, Golf Channel and NBC will love having the largest viewer ratings in the history of television. 

I wonder what the folks at The Masters are thinking?  All the cost of preparing for a huge tournament. the bleachers, the camera towers, the port-a-potties, all the stuff inventoried for food and clothing sales and think of all those folks that bought tickets well in advance? This is going to have a huge impact on the golf industry.

What a mess!  

So, my advice is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (sing happy birthday twice) serval times a day, keep your distance for others as if they have garlic breath, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.  Avoid crowded places and pray that God will help us contain this scary virus.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

If you have read "Scruffy"s Story" you know that Scruffy & Pals originated from marking my golf ball. My idea behind Scruffy & Pals is that people will read and get to know each pal and relate to one or two of them.  In time I would start producing their images on balls, towels, hats, and other golf stuff in hopes that folks would want to spend some of their money on them.

I did some research and found a company in Ohio that would produce my original drawings digitally on balls.  I was excited and worked out a deal with them that they would produce Scruffy, Hoss' and Knothead.  But there was a catch.  They required me to buy a minimum of 1,000 balls for each character.  In other words, I had to buy 3,000 (no name) balls!  I agreed and in a few weeks I receive the balls and I was well pleased even though my bank account was still feeling the pain.

Recently I saw Golfdotz.  They are a family-owned business that had this crazy idea of producing easy to apply identity for golf balls.  They introduced the idea at the 2008 PGA Golf show in Orlando, FL. And it was well-received and so they were off and running. 

After seeing and reading about Golfdotz, I wondered if they could/would make their Golfdotz using the characters of Scruffy & Pals.  At the time of this writing, I have contacted them and the discussion is ongoing.

Check out Golfdotz

Friday, March 6, 2020

Heartworm and flea and tick protection

This is the time of year to give us pups some heartworm stuff. Heartworm sounds bad and I sure don't want any of those slimy things crawling around in me!

I am out on the golf course chasing geese and in the woods chasing squirrels, I get a lot for fleas & ticks.  So while you are at it get your pub some chewables to prevent those nasty little pests from driving your dog crazy. 

I hear Scruffy calling me, so I have to go, but please don't let your dog suffer and get these things to protect it.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Are thinkin of going to Tokyo for the Summer Olympic Games 2020?

Howdy fellow golfers.  It just came in that you can purchase tickets to the Tokyo"s Summer Games 2020.  The United States will have a team of golfers there. I ain't got any information on what players will go the summer games, cause they ain't decided yet.  

But I do know that Tokyo is a long ways across the Pacific Ocean and if you wanna go, go here to get your tickets. Unless you figure on sleeping on the ground or in your rental car, here is a better idea.